Britney Spears showed off her abs in a sexy video –


The singer held her slender and healthy figure on a clip in your account of Instagram and received countless compliments.

Britney Spears he returned to the center of the scene with a sensual video where you show your abs worked.

The singer, 37 years old, looks amazingly fit and healthy and she is proud to show it.

Britney shared a post on Instagram on October 28, with one of her dresses from summer favorites and showing off her incredible body in a blue bikini.

“The first time after a while you use a long dress for summer” Britney started the sentence in your publication. “I feel like a princess … not waiting for a queen … a goddess … as I’m reading The revolution of the inner goddess at this moment in time !!!! What a day so much fun!”

And really it seemed that Britney was having fun. With smiles and dancing for the camera, he looked very happy in a montage video with French music.

Maybe something had to do with the color of your hair. The singer “Baby one more time” he returned to being blonde after wearing for a period of time brown hair, and admitted that the blondes might have a little more “fun” than brunettes.

“Then, perhaps blondes are fun, more”, confessed Britney in a publication of Instagram. “It is not a hair and makeup professional Hollywood … but hey, it is real and I’m on vacation !!! PD: I Just got out of the pool, so the hair is wet … sorry! ”

Obviously, there was no reason for Britney to apologize because the artist was simply enjoying being a blonde again!

The things in the life of Britney apparently they are changing, and for good. She is in charge of showing their fans their evolution with her boyfriend, the model Sam Asghari, who has been at all times next to the singer.

We look forward to seeing more photos and posts from a Britney happy