Cardi B peeks their interest in venturing in the policy – Telemundo El Paso (48)


The rapper Cardi B surprised his followers by announcing that evaluates to jump into the political arena, a theme that he says it will soon give you more details.

As pointed out in a tweet Belcalis Almanzar, dominican in origin and known in the world of show business as Cardi B, you will only need to “return to school” to achieve that goal.

“I feel that if I go back to school and I’m focused I can be a part of the Congress. I have many ideas that make sense. I only need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table”, says the message of the interpreter of “I Lite It”.

Cardi B, who made history last February when it became the first woman to win a Grammy in the category Best Rap Album Solo for his debut album Invasion of Privacy, joined last summer to the campaign of senator Bernie Sanders.

However, the idea of the famous rapper was not well received judging by the tweets that followed his announcement.

The rapper of latino descent had an interesting 2019, because in addition to the award of the Academy of Recording it was also announced last October that will appear in the ninth installment of the action series “Fast & Furious”.

Vin Diesel, the great protagonist of these films of cars at full speed and maximum adrenaline, announced the signing of Cardi B for “Fast & Furious 9” in a video posted on his account Instagram.

In this brief video shows the actor and the singer, but none of the two performers gave no detail about the role you will have Cardi B in this film which will hit the big screen on 22 may 2020.