Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror: when reality is stranger than fiction


The series of Black Mirror he has projected some of the nightmares most troubling that can be remembered in recent times. With the addiction of technology the current society as the common thread, your creator Charlie Brooker it takes a decade, putting the audience in front of the mirror of the screen, making you doubt how close, how possible, is the dystopia that raised their horror stories.

Knowing Charlie Brooker:

  • Who is it? This british 49-year-old went from being one of the columnists most respected of the Uk to one of the creators of television’s most admired in the world thanks to the series of Black Mirror.
  • Why are we restless? After providing distopías terrible in the future that seemed just around the corner, has ensured that the Covid-19 has caused a present even worse than he could imagine.
  • Has ceased to think of new storylines for the series for Netflix, focusing on anti-Viral Wipe, a comedy for the BBC that “I just want people to laugh”.

Until not long ago, Miley Cyrus caught in a kind of Alexa, the blackmail of a hacker or the perverse mechanisms of Tinder were arguments enough to provoke chills. However, the scenario that you have configured the global pandemic has made the fear of that future is a thing of the past. The new normal has surpassed even the science-fiction Black Mirror. In recognition of Brooker, which has delayed writing what was to be the new season of the series Netflix. “I don’t know right now if the people have the stomach for stories about companies that come down,” he explained to Radio Times at the beginning of may.

Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror.

Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror.

Confined to his home in london in the ward of Ealing has been found in the mood “catharsis for a situation like this.” The result is Anti-Viral Wipea television special guionizado and presented by him, with cameos from Boris Johnson, Elton John and Elizabeth II, in which he analyses with a very fine irony british reaction to this crisis. “The last time I hailed a postman was sarcastically; he had taken a long time to bring a package.”