Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato, together on this original project


Despite being already in the final stretch of the confinement, many famous artists are still without work, and therefore continue to respect the quarantine measures and spending whole days locked up at home. By this, Christina Aguilera has created a new initiative to maintain good mental health.

An original project with which the artist seeks to open up to their fans and get them to feel better. “Today start #DiaryDares”, published in Instagram. It is a daily challenge that plays with the fact to write something day-to-day in a book.

Sharing a page of her diary, Christina Aguilera wants to unite the community: “Especially in this situation, it is essential to dig deep, to listen to ourselves and create a safe space for others… to share our experiences past and present and reflect on who we want to be, how we want to live when we get out of this and what we leave behind”, he explained.

The interpretation of ‘Human’ ensures that journal writing is one of the techniques that more you have helped to “keep up with the feet on the ground and centered” in the times most media of your life. During the quarantine has re-read them and found in them consolation.

For this reason, you want to start a challenge on Instagram: “Challenge Demi Lovato, Bethenny Frankel, Lizzo, Halle Berry and Alicia Keys to publish an entry from his journal of these days. To keep this time of the stories and we believe a safe place to express ourselves, reflect and share together”.

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Today I’m starting #DiaryDares. ? Especially at this time, it’s essential to dig deep, listen to ourselves, & create a “safe space” for one another….to share our current or past experiences (hardships or highlights), reflect on who we want to be, how we wish to live when we come out of this, and what we want to leave behind. ⠀ ⠀ Diaries have always helped me do this. They keep me grounded and centered, and allow me to reflect and listen to my own voice amongst all the noise of this business. Reviewing them, I am thankful to be able to look back on how my life has shaped me and how my journey has led me here. ⠀ ⠀ With #DiaryDares, I am sharing with you some of my diaries and challenging all you guys, my friends and fam, as well as @ddlovato, @bethennyfrankel, @instadanjlevy, @lizzobeeating, @halleberry, @aliciakeys and @cleowade to post a diary entry from this time. Let’s archive this time in history and establish a safe place to express, reflect, and share together. When you post, tag 6 more people to be brave and do the same. & Tag #DiaryDares so we can share together. ⠀ ⠀ I dare us to be real, fearless, take away the filters and be comfortable enough in our own individual beauty. I dare us to come together and share our feelings in a time that is uncertain – whether we may feel scared, lonely, and everything in between. I dare us to read each other s truths and support them. Lift each other up. ?? I hope you join me. It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and this kind of sharing is so important and cathartic. And we will feel better and be stronger because of it. ?

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Christina Aguilera takes advantage of this project to remember that the month of may was the month of the awareness for mental health and this type of things are crucial. “I challenge you to be real, without fear, to take off the filters and you feel comfortable with your individual beauty”, concluded.

His colleagues applauded the initiative in the comments and Demi Lovato are joined by: “I love you, I accept the challenge”. The singer of ‘I love me’ has spent years advocating for the mental health and launching the message of self-love.