Covid-19: With 3 meters of distance is reduced to 50%, the risk of contagion |


As is known, up until now, to keep at least a distance of one metre with other people and use face shields and eye might be the best way to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, however as published in a research in the scientific journal the Lancet, the chances of contagion could be reduced to the half, if you save three meters away from the others.

This is the more complete investigation done so far by a group of international experts, led by McMaster University deCanad√°, which indicated that while these protective measures may help curb the spread of the virus, “do not provide complete protection against infection”.

In the research the risk of contagion to more than a metre away from the infected individual was 3% versus 13% within a metre and it showed that for every metre of additional distance up to three meters, the probability of infection can be reduced to half.

Source: 20minutos