Discover the truth about the engagement between Nicki Minaj and Eminem


What happens to Nicki Minaj? That is what a lot of people are wondering after the latest news surrounding the rapper and his friend Eminem. After confirming their engagement through Instagram just three days, now the environment of Nicki has come out to speak on the subject, denying that what the rapper said was the truth and ensuring that everything was just a joke on your part.

Last Friday, fans of the rappers Nicki Minaj and Eminem, friends for years, and whose romance was speculated for the last few weeks were crazy to find out that the Queens had stated os rumors.

It happened Thursday night. The singer of ‘Chun Li’, published in his profile of Instagram a video promoting his latest single, collaborating with 2 Chainz, Y. G. and Big Sean and tells how he met and “pulled” to the rapper. And a daring fan did not hesitate to ask: “Are you going out with Eminem?”, and the rapper answered him briefly but directly: “Yes.”

Automatically, alarm bells and all the media started to publish the bombshell of their courtship. But now it turns out that there is nothing of truth in the assertions of Nicki Minaj. Have been the people of your environment who have come out to deny everything that the singer said, ensuring that I was only joking, just sick of reading the many rumors about their alleged relationship in the press and social networks.

But just as the joke was not very successful on your part, because you have to see what she thinks the own Eminem in the last 48 hours the world has been convinced that he had begun to go out with Nicki. Though soon after, he said in a concert in Boston that is looking forward to getting out with it.