Do already are not friends? Kylie Jenner has gone from ‘TKN’, the collaboration of Rosalia with her ex-Travis Scott


After that I knew that Rosalia I was going to make a theme with Travis Scott, many fans of the singer were waiting as rain in may the reaction of Kylie Jenner.

And is that the morbidity was served with this trio: The small of the clan Kardashian, his new best amiguísima Rose, as she calls it, and her ex-Travis, who is also the the father of her daughter.

Kylie has shown on numerous occasions the admiration and the affection that he feels for Rosalie. The image of his first meeting together left in shock at the half planet and from then on she began a story of friendship that has been joking around with ordered hand referring to each other as ‘wife’ through the social networks.

Rosalia published last summer a image next to Travis Scott with a pose very similar to that which later have been used in the cover of the single of ‘TKN’so it probably will have been the ragman who has served as bridge between the relationship of Rosalie and Kylie.

The queen of the Tra-trafficking was until one of the guests at the birthday Stormi, the daughter they have in common Scott and Jenner. In the celebration you could see, enjoying together, and even singing songs from Frozen.

The only bump of this friendship has been an alleged treason for having “stolen” to Kylie his make-up header, Ariel. A comedic friction that the influencer shared in your account of Instagram and soon, he forgot about getting a party with the songs of the singer Catalan.

Before the coronavirus forced us to confinarnos at home, Jenner enjoyed a vacation in the Bahamas, where they caught a party in the pool singing and dancing topics of Rosalia as ‘I swear what’, the last single they had released.

However and against all odds the entrepreneur has not done the same with the single of ‘TKN’. This has fueled all sorts of theories: Was it only postureo to the social networks? Do you get along only because he had a business through? What has been something between the singers that has since jealous Kylie Jenner?

The premiere of the collaboration of Rosalia with Travis has coincided with the protests in the united States by the death of George Floyd. The only content that Kylie has uploaded to their networks these days has been to show your support against the racism of the police force. In addition, Kylie Jenner has been involved in a controversy: the magazine Forbes has been accused of lying about his fortune.