Does Danna Paola becomes Ariana Grande? Fans compare


Danna Paola it is one of the most important singers in Mexico, while Ariana Grande it is one of the most important singers in the world, it is no surprise that they both share the tone of voice similar records and similar, because the mexican can easily sing any of their songs.

The comparison between the two famous each time is on the rise, as the actress of the series Elite sometimes you comb your hair with the style of the american, and tries to imitate his looks by that are the ones that are at the forefront, but this time, the fans realized the strong resemblance between the two for a video of Tik Tok.

It was all for a short but significant clip, which sees the singer of “Bad Reputation” with various filters that make you look noticeably more brunette, it caused a among the fans would be discussed if it seems to or not the ex-member of Victorious.

“For a moment I thought that was Ariana Grande” followed by a “Me too”, “X3”, commented the fan.

Danna Paola what imitates Ariana Grande? Fans compare

Danna Paola what imitates Ariana Grande? Fans compare

Does Danna Paola seeks to be like her

The mexican singer has confessed on several occasions that Ariana Grande is a great influence for her and her music, as it is one of the singers of your favorite, however, although in several instances have been compared, the reality is that Danna Paola seeks to maintain rhythms and latino urban.

The singer of “candy world” has over 24 million followers on his account of Instagram, who are always on the lookout for their new publications and projects, it has also been proclaimed as the interpreter of mexican most followed on the social network.

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So soon the famous is in quarantine, but this has not been the impediment so that you can get new music, because in less than two months it takes to locked we have been delighted with two songs, and promises to keep releasing more music.

If you want to see the video of Danna Paola click here