Ensure that Brad Pitt goes out in secret with Halle Berry


So far, the actors have not made a statement about it

As reported by the australian magazine NWBrad Pitt is romance with Halle Berry. The publication indicated that the Hollywood stars began dating a couple of weeks ago.

?Have had a series of meetings very secret and, until now, things are going well,” said a source close to the actors.

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Supposedly, the meetings took place in a bungalow at the Hotel Bel-Air, in addition, have assured that the interpreter is fascinated by the chemistry that he has with the winner of the Oscar.

“Brad considered to be absolutely amazing,” said one insider.

The magazine noted that several years ago Pitt, 54 years old, I wanted to go out with Halle but they both had loving relationships.

?The connection was already there. Brad is totally the type of Find, so it is not surprising that they have taken advantage of the opportunity to spend some time together?, added the informant.

What do you think about this alleged affair?

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