Enyer Fig tree: “My priority is the selection”


Enyer Fig Treeinternational Venezuela in the category sub-20, expressed his desire to go his own way, without falling into comparisons with the american Alex Morgan or the brazilian Marta Vieira.

In an interview published by FIFA on their website, Enyer Fig recognized the interest of clubs from Chile, Ecuador, and Spain. “The coronavirus slowed down everything. However, I’m not desperate. My first priority now is the national team“, he explained.

Dodging comparisons with Marta or Alex Morgan, Enyer Fig tree said that trust in travel their own path in the world of football.

Started in the discipline playing with plastic bottles, which they filled with sand to make them more heavy.

One day I filled up some stockings and rags. This was better because I was able to give it round shape. My mother almost killed me when he saw it“, he recalls.

At that time, his family had no money to buy balls.

In the team of the city of Barinas discovered he wanted to be a professional footballer. There came to him the opportunity to play with the selection sub-17. It continued to grow in the Deportivo Tachira and excelled in the Sol de Americain Paraguay , where he scored 25 goals last season. Now dreams of playing the World cup sub-20 and continue taking steps towards professionalism.

Photo: FIFA.com