Famous marching through George Floyd: Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande and more


This weekend there were protests in several U.s. cities to demonstrate against the death of african-american George Floyd.

While some of the protests took a violent turn with many looting and arrests, others remained peaceful, with several celebrities who chose to march in the streets in solidarity with the african-american community to demand justice for the death of Floyd.

While some other celebrities like Demi Lovato, Anuel AA and more, not joined the protests in the streets, yes it is manifested through social networks and reacted to the death of Floyd.

Some famous as Camila Hair and Shawn Mendes took to the streets to demand justice for Floyd. The couple held signs with the legend “Black Lives Matter” while they were in the company of the protesters in Miami.

The singer, Amara La Negra took to the streets of Miami to join the thousands of protesters across the country demanding justice and the end of racism is systemic.

“I’m dominican and I’m proud of it. My parents are dominican. But first I AM BLACK, and I will always defend my people. I have always talked about the discrimination that I have suffered, we have suffered”.

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Yo Soy Dominicana y orgullosa de Serlo! Ya que mis padres son dominicanos. Pero Primero SOY NEGRA! Y Siempre defender a Mi Raza! A las injusticias! Siempre lo he hecho esto no es nuevo. siempre he hablado de la discriminación que he sufrido y sufrimos! Es muy fácil juzgar y criticar pero si usted no nació en este color de piel tal vez nunca entenderá lo que se siénte ser negro en este mundo! Cómo la gente mira a uno.. cómo te juzgan sin conocerte por el color de tu piel! Ya estamos hartos del racismo! De que piensen que somos menos que nadie! No tan solo en este País! Si no en el mundo entero!!!!!!!!!!! No estoy de acuerdo con lo que muchos están haciendo! utilizando violencia, rompiendo y acabando con nuestra comunidad sin embargo entiendo y reconozco que por años se han hecho marchas ,se ha protestado se han mandado cartas al gobierno , a el presidente y nada cambia! Nadie hace nada! todo lo que está pasando en estos momentos es porque el pueblo está adolorido! frustrado! De los abusos! De qué nos discriminen! nos maten! Y qué nadie haga nada! Que no les importan! El que yo sea latina no me hace menos negra! Y la discriminación no es solamente con los negros también pasa con los latinos! Es tan triste muchos gozan de nuestra música de nuestro arte de nuestras mujeres de nuestros hombres sin embargo en momentos como este veo a muchos callados! Este es el momento de hablar! De actuar! Unidos somos más Fuertes! El mundo nunca cambiará si tú no aportas! Si no ayudas! Ayúdame por favor! Habla! Protesta! Di halgo!!!! No es justo porfavor! Llegamos a este país como esclavos y es 2020 y todavía no hay igualdad de derechos para nosotros! #UnidosSomosMasFuertes ✊?✊?✊?

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Ariana Grande documented part of the protests through the social networks. The interpreter of “7 Rings” joined the march in Los Angeles Saturday afternoon, where he had a mask on and a sign that said “Black Lives Matter.”

“Hours and miles of peaceful protests yesterday that had little or no coverage. In all of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood we sing, the people issued whistles and cheered. We were passionate, loud, love. Covers for this also please. #BLACKLIVESMATTER“wrote the artist of 26 years old on his Twitter account.

In a protest different in Los Angeles was Halsey marching in the first line. However, she recorded in the social networks, how the police officers were fighting against the crowds.

“We fired rubber bullets. Not we broke the line,” wrote the singer. “The hands were up. Immobile, and gassed and shot,” denounced the famous that passed one of the protests through a Instagram Live.

Another of the famous who joined the protests, he was Emily Ratajkowskiwho said that the police were “militarized and that the civilians had no weapons”. He added, “these are not violent protests, but they become violent when deploying a royal army”.

Tinashe and the actor Kendrick Sampson were also present in Los Angeles, with Sampson documenting in Instagram Live your step by the way.

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Show up.

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Michael Jordan also went out to the streets of Los Angeles to march to seek justice and shared a powerful message on the social networks.

“I am deeply saddened, truly saddened, and with honest rage. I see and feel the pain of all, the courage and the frustration. I am on the side of all those who require to finish the deep-seated racism and violence against people of color in our country. It was already enough”, said the legend of basketball.

Kehlani he also joined the protests in Los Angeles. “No justice, no peace. Respect existence or expect resistance,” he wrote.

Outside of California, John Cusack shared a video of the police of Chicago that went to him while he was protesting on his bike.

“The cops did not like that shot of the burning car, so they came for me with sticks, knocking my bike. Ahhm here is the audio”. Wrote the actor of 53 years.

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx and Nick Cannon were in the front line in Minneapolis, and Ellen Page documented what was happening in Brooklyn.


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