Great personalities joined together in a rally for justice for George Floyd

Since the end of last week, the streets of the united States have been full of people protesting the death of George Floyd, and important artists of the stature of Camila Hair and Ariana Grande have joined these demonstrations.

The artist and her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, joined the demonstrations that were held in the streets of the city of Miami, and were photographed carrying signs with the legend “Black Lives Matter”.

Source: Twitter

The singer and the canadian have been going together to the quarantine generated by the coronavirus and on this occasion took the decision to be part of the protests that are held for days, demanding justice.

On the other hand, Ariana Grande used their social networks to go documenting what was your go-to in the march held in the city of Los Angeles last Saturday.

Source: Twitter

The famous was photographed wearing a mask while also wearing a placard with the slogan, as this is the name that has been given to the campaign of demonstrations that were performed in the united States.

“Hours and miles of peaceful protests yesterday that had little or no coverage. In all of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood we sing, the people issued whistles and cheered. We were passionate, loud, love. Covers for this also please. #BLACKLIVESMATTER”.

Another important personality who decided to join was the actor Michael B. Jordan. The famous artist was from Los Angeles by marching alongside the crowd who demands justice, and wrote a message on your social networks.

“I am deeply saddened, truly saddened, and with honest rage. I see and feel the pain of all, the courage and the frustration. I am on the side of all those who require to finish the deep-seated racism and violence against people of color in our country. It was already enough.”