Halle Berry asks fans to help the owner of a shop of elders after his business is burned

2020-06-02 21:30:05

Halle Berry has urged its followers to help an 81 year old man whose store was burned down during the protests in Los Angeles last week.

Halle Berry has urged its followers to help an 81 year old man whose shop has been burnt down.

The actress, 53 years old, turned to social networks to call the attention of their fans about the difficult situation of the entrepreneur Ned Harounian, who did burn his store in Los Angeles last week during protests against the death of George Floyd.

Halle pointed out that Ned also stole the jewels of his wife who died in the protests, and is now looking for monetary aid to help you rebuild your business.

In a tweet, the star of ‘Catwoman’ wrote: “The owner of a business immigrant of about 80 years old, he ransacked his shop Melrose, and then burned it, and stole the jewels of his wife, recently deceased. Things are crazy at the moment, but I hope that we can all take a minute to help this man! Donate if you can. ”

Halle included a link to the page GoFundMe Ned, where there is more information about the owner of the shop of the elderly.

A description on the page said: “An owner of a business in Melrose, widow and 81 years old, lost everything he had during the protest of George Floyd may 30, 2020. The rioters broke into the shop, looted everything and set up the store. fire that causes damage unrepeatable. The shop is currently burned to ashes.

“The shop was the only thing that I had to keep it in place, now it has lost everything that allowed him to survive. Their only source of income was the shop, unfortunately the insurance does not cover damage caused by the riots. Not only he lost his only source of income, now has no way to pay the rent and other expenses that the store has allowed him to pay “.

And a later update added: “The immigrant father of 81 years, Ned Harounian, who still mourns the recent loss of his wife, who died after a battle against pancreatic cancer, he lost his livelihood when his store of Melrose, was violently stolen and burned. He emigrated to the USA. UU., With his family in 1985. For more than 30 years he poured all he had in his business and community. After the recent death of his wife, the store was not only their source of income, but also their safe haven. The community of THE Melrose is a family for him and he for them. Has been violated, stripped of the work, the support and the community of his life, devastating. “

At the time of writing this article, the collection of funds, Ned has raised nearly $ 32,000 of its goal of $ 75,000.

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