Halle Berry asks for donations for shop destroyed an immigrant at the age of 81


Halle Berry

The actress asks her followers to donate to the elderly immigrant who had his shop looted and burned.

Halle Berry has asked his followers of the social networks that consider support of a fundraising campaign to support an elderly “immigrant entrepreneur” who lost their livelihood in the protests weekend in Los Angeles.

The son of Ned Harounian created a profile on GoFundMe to his father of 81 years, explaining how he had been suffering the death of his wife, when the rioters, using the movement Black Lives Matter, to make destruction by the city, attacked his shop and burned.

To highlight the sad story on Twitter, the Oscar winner wrote: “to The owner of a business of immigrants of about 80 years old, he ransacked his store on Melrose, and then burned it, and stole the jewels of his wife, recently deceased”.

“Oh, things are crazy at the moment, but I hope that we can all take a minute to help this man! Donate if you can”.

He then shared a link to the fundraiser, where the son of Harounian had already managed to raise more than$ 32,000 of its goal of$ 75,000.

Protesters have clashed with authorities throughout the united States after the death of a resident of Minnesota George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of a group of police officers are white, may 25.