Halsey: “I’ve tried first hand to men, women, and children who received a shot | Currently


The united states is revolutionized after the death of George Floyd. After a historical downturn of the culture in that country during a whole day, and with all the walls in black of many celebs, the topic is hot and there is a proliferation of demonstrations and protests that have been made extensible to many other countries.

Halsey it is one of the artists who is experiencing this issue with a lot of intensity as she herself had through social networks. “It has become very clear that some of you need to see what I have seen”, said next to a collection of images that reflected what has happened, “these photos and videos do not even scratch the surface. It is easy to from the comfort of your home to see looting and riots on tv and approve of the violent measures that they are taking the forces. But what you don’t see are the innocent peaceful protesters who shot at and threw tear gas and physical assaults without a break”.

“The innocent people who exercise their rights of expression and assembly face violence and the abuse of power. With all of our medical professionals CONSUMED and EXHAUSTED with the Covid, there is little or no medical care available,” I kept reporting on the actions of the police that is being done to quell these revolts.

She has been helping in the first line of battle, “I’ve tried first hand men, women, and children who received a shot in the chest, face and back. Some lose vision, some have lost fingers. I have been covered with innocent blood.”

She understands very well this problem because he has lived in the house: “My father is a black man. My mother is an EMT. This week I had to put together these two associations in a way that appalled me. This is NOT a publication of the signaling of virtue. But I have to show you what I am witnessing with my own eyes. With the decision of Trump to impose today the mobilization of the armed forces to our own citizens, this has intensified beyond your privilege and comfort to not worry about”.