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Social networks have been painted black, with the hashtag #blackouttuesday as part of a collective movement that several people from different parts of the world carry out as protest against the racismthe discrimination and the prejudices of nationalities.

Between them has featured the participation of a large number of personalities of mexican that they have been moved by stories like George Floyd, a young american who recently lost his life in an altercation with police officers.

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#BlackOutTuesday it is a trend that translates as #MartesDeApagónwhich , is a way to “unplug” any activity by the recent events in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Famous actresses such as Salma Hayek, Eiza Gonzalez, Ludwika Palette and Biby Gaytán they lifted up their voice to raise awareness to the people about the inclusion and racism.

Singers like Anahí, Belinda and Danna Paola also joined this protest.

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Also some socialités and models as Celina del Villarhis daughter Maria Ibarra, Marcela Cuevas, Jimena Gallego and Carolina Sun Kabande, wife of Jorge Hank Rhonjoined the cause and put his granite of sand in social networks.

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Although in the beginning the purpose of this motion was to suspend the activities in a work week, the fact that they have viralizado changed a little the initial reason. According to Bloomberg, only until noon today, in New York, the hashtag #blackouttuesday had been included in the more than 16 million publications from Instagram.

The venezuelan Irene Esser, wedding of Andrés Manuel López Beltrán -president’s son Andrés Manuel López Obrador- just as he did in the past #UnDíaSinNosotras, the 9 of march, “turned off” your account for a moment.

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In sports, the boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and the panamerican medalist Rommel Pacheco also placed a black box in your account of Instagram. Without more words, and with the hashtag #blackouttuesday was enough to publicize that, they also lowered the curtain of their activities.

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