It confirms the date of your wedding


One of the most famous couples of the celebrity has finally put a date to take the yes I want, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were married in December of this year, surrounded by their family and friends.

Both are world-renowned artists and their careers are full of success but not only have this in common, the two have gone through a divorce, a fact that has united them since the first moment they met.

The singer was divorced from Russell Brand with who was married for 14 months, on one occasion admitted that the main reason for their separation was that she did not want to have children. However, it seems that that there is now a problem in her relationship with Orlando Bloom. For its part, the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is divorced from Miranda Keer with the that has a child in common, Flynn.

Although there are still many weeks to the celebration, both is finalizing the details of the wedding for everything to go well and taking the opportunity to spend time together. Four months ago the couple announced that they were ready to pass by the altar, to day of today the couple has prepared almost all the details of the ceremony. Immersed in the preparations for the bride and groom enjoy their last few months as a single before entering into their relationship.

The complicity between the two can be seen in the events that come together, and lately in the recent images that have been shared while you were on a holiday, in which you see them happy and enjoying the love. Although the road has not been easy as the couple broke up in 2017, it seems that since they are more united than ever.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are very much looking forward to become husband and wife and now same as other means of communication are focused to leave tied up all the loose ends for your wedding to come out perfect. We know that these things bring a lot of stress and nerves, however, according to a source close to the couple, “neither of the two seems stressed by the question”.

The idea of the couple is that it is a wedding very fun that they can enjoy their family and friends and although the celebration will be at the end of the year we are looking forward to see this couple so atypical and extravagant be the if I want to.