It Scandal Maluma! Picture of his girlfriend before the surgery face and body: “oh Scary!”


December 26, 2019
(21:00 CET)

Have you become Maluma and Natalia Barulich? That looks like one of the news of this christmas season. And is that the singer and the model have been allowed to see together walking around New York only a month later announced their separation.

What is certain is that you did not expect a story as well among their fans, as the crisis that made them break looked like it had to do with horns placed by the colombian a Natalia Barulich that they are not sensed.

However, it seems that all that would be left behind and become a couple only a few weeks later, something unusual.

video Maluma on the beach

The change of Natalia Barulich

The Croatian model was made famous with the music video of Happy 4 that popularized Maluma with Marc Anthony, and shortly after began a courtship of several years, however, Natalia Barulich much has changed physically during its life.

And before the famous video clip went under the knife on several occasions to change the face and the body. It has come to light through a account of Instagram, which warned that the change: “Scares”.

ok we will leave the surgery at hand and talk about Natalia and akemi as human beings since you’re saying that maluma loves natalia for your personality. we all know that akemi, and juan luis had a relationship, have you ever seen akemi posting photos with maluma on social networks for the fame? Do you think that was never in travel with maluma, never was in the backstage with him, never kissed him? think again (the fair of flowers in meddelin is an example) why do you think that akemi never published a photo with the singer maluma? never posted the gifts she received from him online, never smiled directly at the paparazzi as if she had won a trophy. because she just loved john louis the human being before becoming famous, muscular, with a beard and tattoos, and dolce and gabanna, private jet. What would be Natalia that maluma? I doubt that is ashamed of his old face, and much less to go out with maluma when it was still not sexy and famous, and able to take her in costly trips. maluma wasted years of life akemis but you know something. she deserves more than to be cheated on constantly. Natalia doesn’t care about travel or the fame, and the magazines are more important than a faithful man. #maluma #natalia #nataluma #akecita #akeminakamura #malunitta #anitta

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Rica for quite some time

Maluma did not millionaire to Natalia Barulich, as it was before that. Dancer and model, of american descent Croatian and cuban comes from a good family because his father was a wealthy industrial Croatian.

This allowed him to develop all his talents due to the comfortable life of his family and now with Maluma is only enhancing what he knew during his childhood.