“Jagged bob”, the new haircut that is trend and remains well at all


June 2, 2020 16:41

The jagged bob is here to stay: this new trend invites to to try the short hair with look messy and desmechado.

Selena Gomez already tested the jagged bob in blond and brown

In this quarantine, we do not have access to the hairdressing salons or beauty centers to be renewed. However, many people resorted to the scissors that they have in their homes to cut their hair or bought hair dyes for your side to dying your hair and try new colors.

The trick (very easy) to tell if the short hair favors you or not

For this new season, we tell you about the new hair cut that was fashionable and that is seen all the time in social networks: the “jagged bob“ a cut just above the shoulders. Its main feature is that it is not a straight cut and perfect, but that is used with the tips desmechadas for a effect messy and to give a vibrating rocker.

The jagged bob it is a hairstyle that has the tips uneven and desflecadas, but with so much style. This look makes an excellent combo with a fringe of the same style, as did Miley Cyrus. The singer opted for a cut full of layers and a fringe to complete your hairstyle.

It can also be combined with “bardot bangs”, the kind of long fringe that is combed to the middle to frame the features of the face. This last look was popularized by the French actress Brigitte Bardot in the late 60’s. Rihanna it is one of the artists that showcased this bangs with the jagged bob.

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna combined the jagged bob with a fringe

Another of the celebrities who also opted for the jagged bob it is Selena Gomez: it was declared fan of the short hair several years ago, but wore it in several ways, including styles super straight or looks messy time. he also played with highlights and lighter tones that you have naturally, as the blonde and the caramel.

Bea Kristi, the lead singer of indie rock british known as Beabadoobeealso wears this hair cut. However, she puts a new twist on the “jagged bob” with different colors: the artist already tried this look with the hair dyed red, blue, black, red and blond.

Selena Gomez and Bea Kristi tested the jagged bob in different colors

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