Jennifer Aniston surprises her fans in a scenario unsurpassed



Ago, 16-year-old the legendary series Friends it was the end, a comedy considered by thousands of followers as the best in the history of television that, to this day, continues to have loyal fans, some even very young. Its six main protagonists-residents in Manhattan -Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani – rose to the fame to the actors and actresses that have given life, which since then became true stars of Hollywood.

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In the case of Jennifer Anistonthis week he took part in the program of Ellen DeGeneres filling in for the presenter. After a brief introduction, the actress showed a video in which he had surprised several of his fans in a very particular way, making us laugh all those present.

The images were recorded inside the studios of Warner, where took place the production of the successful series, and she herself was the protagonist of new to play them a joke to all the fans that came that day. Among the visitors there were a group of young girls who do not hesitate to sit on the legendary couch where the protagonists spent the hours dead, in the interior of the coffee shop Central Perk, to immortalize the moment with a photo. While conducting the particular perched, behind the armchair was hidden nothing less than Rachel Green or, better said, Jennifer Aniston.

Throughout the day the actress was hiding and came out from behind the couch to give you a pleasant surprise -with fright included – to all the fans of the series, which reacted with disbelief and genuine emotion. Of course, Aniston, with much humor, he agreed to be photographed with them. The californian recounted their experiences in the program of Ellen DeGeneres by passing orn funny moment to the fans of the production television, while they were able to see these images repeated over and over again.

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