Johnny Depp accuses his ex-wife Amber Heard attacks continuous


Few people are left on the face of the earth that have not heard of the legal dispute that keep Johnny Depp and Amber Heard since she asked them for the divorce and get a restraining order against him for alleged ill-treatment in may 2016.

Three years after of that separation, things have gotten very ugly many times, both in court and outside of court. Now, after the the umpteenth lawsuitin this case against the actress for defamation, and once initiated, the relevant statements before the judge, you can practically talk about never ending story.

Before a judge

The actor accuses now your ex-wife to have an attitude violent and have attacked on repeated occasions during their marriage

The last to do statements regarding that alleged abusive relationship within the couple has been Johnny Depp, who has given the return to the tortilla and has described it as the responsible of the attacks: “She was the perpetrator, and I was the victim. While it combined amphetamines prescription and drugs not prescribed with alcoholthe Ms. Heard committed countless acts of domestic violence in my against that in some cases I caused serious bodily harm, often in the presence of an external witness”.

Not this being enough, the actor has gone beyond and he has told the details of the alleged assaults that would have made your former spouse against him: “I beatgave me punches and kicks. I threw myself frequently objects conta, body, and head, as heavy bottles, soft drink cans, lit candles, remote controls for televisions and paint solvents”.

Details about the alleged assault

The actor says that Heard him beat her, he was being punched and kicked, and that on repeated occasions he had thrown objects such as bottles of glass

In addition, it has been reported that on one occasion, “she went crazy and started throwing bottles” when he was asked to sign an agreement nuptial after marriage in 2015: “I Had to undergo three surgeries to reconstruct my finger.I was afraid I might lose the finger, the arm and the life”.

As in all of the previous occasions
in which the actor has made statements, the lawyer Amber Heard was not slow in issuing a press release to deny any assertion launched.

Statement of the actor

“I had to undergo three surgeries to reconstruct my finger.I was afraid I might lose the finger, the arm and the life” told the actor about a specific episode

According to People, the legal representative of the actress also has emphasized that “the evidence in this case is clear” and that “the attempts to increasingly desperate Mr. Depp and their enablers to revive your career by starting a lawsuit without foundation against so many people who once were close to him do not deceive anyone”.

Now, there will be that wait to see when it comes to the resolution of this litigation 50 million dollars against Amber Heard, who was sued for writing an article in the Washington Post in 2018 about his alleged domestic violence case after having signed a contract of confidentiality. Again, pcould be a matter of months or years see the end of this drama.