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The death of George Floyd, after being the victim of police abuse in the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota, united States), has generated a wave of demonstrations both on the ground in north america as in other parts of the world.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets to speak against racism and the way in which the authorities behave with regard to afro-descendant communities.

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Their battle cry has been “Can’t breathe”, one of the last phrases that reached to pronounce Floyd while the ex-police officer Derek Chauvin you pressed with your knee, the neck.

In social networks, the protests have also been made to feel and there are several ‘hashtag’ that have been used. Among them, the most important has been #BlackLivesMatter, which seeks to attack violence against the afros.

However, within all the views in favour of the protests and the criticism for the abuse of authority have come up some that have been dismissed as an attempt to justify the death of Floyd.

Nothing justifies the police brutality that caused the death of George Floyd, though, looking at your history, it is discovered that neither was any angel

One of them was the actor’s colombian Jorge Cárdenas, who said that the man was “not an angel”.

“Nothing can justify the brutality that caused the death of George Floyd, though, looking at your history, it is discovered that neither was any angel…,” said Cardenas on his Twitter account.

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Next to your comment, uploaded a picture in which is seen what appears to be a criminal history in which you view actions as theft, assault and possession of drugs and weapons, among others.

What a shit of a tweet, Jorge. What a piece of shit

Following its publication, the actor has been criticized for his words.

“What a piece of shit of a tweet, Jorge. What crap”, “It’s terrible what you write. You leave Me very impressed, George,” “What, wretch” and “I hope we never have to feel that it justifies the murder of someone close to you”, among others, are some of the interactions to the tweet.

The words of Cardenas, which go in line with the defence has tried to the head of the Police Union in Minneapolis, Bob Kroll, who published a letter in which he said: “What you don’t realize is the history of violent criminal George Floyd. The media does not broadcast this.”

According to the English newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ the man, who was 46 years old at the time of his death, he was at least 5 times in the jail. The last one had been in 2009, in Texas, when he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for aggravated assault.

“In 2014, he came to Minneapolis and changed your lifestyle. He even appeared in a video asking younger generations to make good decisions and not to resort to violence”, added to the medium.

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The death of Floyd occurred on 25 may, after being captured by a group of 4 police officers that were looking for a reported forgery. The former agent Chauvin was the one who sat him up and he, as well as their companions, were fired.

Last Friday, may 29, Chauvin was arrested and charged with murder in the third degree, which, according to the state legislation, would not give him more than 25 years in prison.