Karol G and joseph Joseph, the first eliminated in the 2nd season

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By the big door! For the first time in history with a virtual public, the stage of dreams turned on his lights by all out in this first show.

The first seven participants that showed up for this first show were Diomedez Diaz, jose Jose, Karol G, Ricardo Arjona, Michael Jackson, Frankie Ruiz and Celia Cruz.

For its part, Diomedez Diaz opened the night with “to Love you More I couldn’t”; who with an embodiment almost perfect left to the judges happy.

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We’ve started with the bar high

He expressed the implacable jury, Aaron Zebede, while Ingrid De Ycaza recommended to stick more to the movements of the Chief of the Board.

Followed, it was his turn to jose Jose with one of the most classic songs of the prince of song, “Hawk or Dove”, however, was not able to reach the exact shade of the intérrprete, in spite of that, the jury encouraged him to relax a little more.

The ballad went on to the sauce, with nothing more and nothing less than with the great Frankie Ruiz, one of the strongest in this second season.

The dad of the sauce delighted us with “My Freedom”, but, some problems on the song, and added the nerves he didn’t get the best night.

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To be the first program, both you and Diomedes come very prepared, only that you need more power.

Karol G did not disappoint but ultimately lacked the essence of the colombian singer.

On the other hand, the one that was not far behind was Michael Jackson; his dancing and voice led us to the terrifying thriller, however, fill the shoes of the king of pop will not be easy.

The night went on and it was the turn of Ricardo Arjona, who on the rhythm of “The story of a Taxi”, we showed that it has the character purchased, taking the highest score of the night.

To close with a gold brooch, the guarachera of Cuba “panamanian” could not miss, Celia Cross, put us to dance with “Quimbara”.

The night had come to an end and sadly we had to dismiss two of the participants with the lowest scores, being Karol G and Ricardo Arjona.

Next Tuesday, come challenges even more difficult for our stars. Don’t miss it!

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