Karol G uses his puppy to talk about racism and fans the criticize



The colombian singer Karol G is joined to the samples of solidarity in the case of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, although what they posted on their social networks caused discomfort among his followers.

The perfect example of the white and the black together look beautiful, wrote next to a photo of your dog in black and white colors, which outraged many.

In a short time the publication of the singer of 29 years was erased, and the he apologized, mentioning that he had been wrong with the publication.

I was wrong and I apologize. I want to make clear that my intentions were in the right in the photo that I posted before. I wanted to say that the racism is terrible and I cannot begin to understand,”

The colombian shared his solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter.

No one should have to suffer of a systematic oppression by the color of their skin or because they belong to a minority group and support the protests and actions that are being taken to put an end to the racism and abuse of power.”


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