Karol G was criticized for this message is anti-racist

Wanted to contribute, ruined: Karol G was criticized for this strange message anti racist

Many were the criticisms that Karol G had to had to leave to apologize, assuring that their intentions were “good and correct”

Karol G recently wrote a message anti racist with that he gave support to the massive protests for the murder of George Floyd in the united States.

However, this curious message generated more rejection than anything else to be considered little right, so much so that it generated a host of criticism towards the “bebecita”.


“I don’t know who came up with dividing the society by ‘Races’. You do not have a friend-white, a cousin of black or a fellow caucasian. You have a friend, a cousin and a companion. Fuck that”, he began by saying… and so far so good.

The problem came later when you went up the photo of your doggie’s fur black and white. Here Karol G said “the perfect example of the white and the black together look beautiful.”

These words did not fell very well, given that the accused of frivolizar and making a caricature of a situation as serious and delicate as the one that lives in the united States.

Many were the criticisms that the singer of “TUSA” had to ask for a public apology: “I was wrong and I want to clarify that my intent in the photo that I took were beautiful and correct”, he began by saying.

“There is only one race, the human race and I see now that the way I did was not good. Feel solidarity with Black Lives Matter because NOBODY should have to suffer of a systematic oppression by the color of their skin or because they belong to a minority group, continued to Karol G.

See here for his whole statement: