Kate Beckinsale is a debate between a second maternity, and continue to enjoy their freedom



Actress Kate Beckinsale, who is already the mother of a 19-year-old next to her ex-husband Michael Sheen, has not ruled out nor much less the possibility of re-entering the maternity in the event you get an opportune moment to do so. However, the interpreter 45 also recognizes that at this stage of your life you are debating between the above-mentioned idea, on the that ensures that you would fill in “illusion”, and their wish to continue taking full advantage of these levels of “freedom” that has now and that he had to give up on their youth to take care of the now adult Lily.

“Since then that would make me the illusion to have another shoot, but at the same time I think: ‘Oh, no, basically I had no life of its own in my 20s and now that I’m finally tasting freedom, what I am really willing to forgo another time to it?’. I don’t know what is going to happen, but what I have clear is that I’m open to it,” explained the british artist, protagonist of the tapes of the series ‘Underworld’, in conversation with the magazine Tatler.

In the same way, the movie star faces with the same flexibility and without marked too many expectations the prospect of redoing his sentimental life after more than two years of singleness, the time that has passed since we put an end to her marriage to director Len Wiseman -responsible of the first successful deliveries of the above-mentioned franchise ‘Underworld’- and decides to turn over a new leaf.

“When you get divorced, everyone wants to see where you land. But in my case I have no need of landing in any particular place, at least for the moment. I am very happy with the chapter of my life in which I find myself today. I think it is very positive to have a bit of time to, as Virginia Woolf, reflect on and explore other facets of the world”, he asserted in the same interview.