Kate Beckinsale took their cats up in this quarantine

They are called Clive and Willow. Are the cats of the actress Kate Beckinsale, who took these days of quarantine, to have fun with them and post desopilantes videos in your account Instagram.

You see that it is quite boring and with a lot of free time, two situations that motivated her to put together a “tank” with cardboard boxes of various sizes. Clive capped the scene within the bulkier model with his hairy head just looking.

Also took the time to design eye-catching hats of lettuce for your pets. “Learn Urdu (national language of pakistan) or to practice Kegeling (exercises for urinary incontinence), find the time to discover how much they appreciate the cats a hat of lettuce”, published hypocritically under the hashtag #lamodernamujerencuarentena.

And there was a escrache the poor Willow for having done its needs on the couch. The animal was portrayed in the first plane with a bonnet of plastic and a legend “deschavó” full: “I do not poop on the couch.” “Revisiting bad decisions taken quickly,” added Kate in your posting.

Kate also lost the chance to dress up as if it were one of your pets and get to sing in your kitchen.

In the end, the quarantine of a Hollywood actress it seems that you do not have large setbacks. Only you missed to put the bell on the cat.