Katy Perry doesn’t buy Christmas gifts for his family, but to change…


The singer Katy Perry you do not need to break your head too much thinking about what to buy each one of your loved ones by these dates to show how much they appreciate and share, by the way, a small part of his personal fortune with them.

Instead, the pop star prefers to invite them to do the luggage and accompany you to any destination in the world in which to spend ten days under the same roof.

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“Adults do not receive gifts because we’re going on vacation together. It is the best gift of all. We go together to some place new and we forget about the diets to eat like crazy. Each year we choose a different site: the last christmas we were in Hawaii and this time we’re going to go to the snow by changing a little bit and the best we encourage you to go skiing. Personally, I prefer snowboarding”, stated to People.

The main attraction of this tradition is that, for a change, she can call voices down the hallway to her mother or discuss it with their brothers as when they were young: “We are angry each other, and we love you very much… we are the typical family.”

By 2020, it is expected that Katy pass finally by the altar with her fiancé Orlando Bloom after delaying his link once already.

“In my case, what I really want is to learn how to take advantage of my life and keep looking for the balance. There are a lot of wonderful things in my immediate future, personal things that I’m very excited. As, for example, to create my own concept of family.”

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images