Katy Perry, Eva Gonzalez or Jennifer Lopez showed no modesty in the reality of the pregnancy | Fashion and Beauty


Having a child is one of the most wonderful things in the world and who have gone through that experience probably will think the same. But anyone deceive you, not everything is color pinkstarting from the moment of the pregnancy. At this point still insist that it is the happiest time of a woman, but,what happens if the pregnant woman does not feel well during those months of gestation?

When a pregnancy gives a lot of the can a may come to feel bad and not see the good in this situation and that, because of the education that we have been given, made to feel guilty. But you must remove those things from your head because if you’re going bad is logical that you do not feel happy.

In fact, there are many women who have spoken, without any type of modesty, of the reality of the pregnancyincluding the celebs. And those opinions have helped to normalize a situation that, on many occasions, it has been idealized. These are just 12 examples.

Anabel Alonso

She has not been pregnant but their partner and few days ago they welcomed their first child. In a few statements to the foot of the streetafter the news of expecting a baby to their 55 years said that “Pregnancies are hard. Who has been pregnant will tell. It seems all very nice, but everything has its part B”.

Eva González

The presenter MasterChef is another who has spoken clearly on this issue. When I was pregnant with her only child so far, as picked up Ok Journaldo not hesitate to clarify that “it is not as nice as paint. There deceive us. Begin deceiving with the time you say you are 9 months and I think that any that one more week falls”.

Salma Hayek

Although a knows that her body will change during pregnancy, it is one thing to know and another to experience it. “I went up so much weight, I had the opportunity to see me completely deformed in several ways —for a very good reason— and I do not regret even for a second”, he confessed Salma Hayek according to the magazine People.

Jennifer Lopez

During the pregnancy, especially if it’s your first, there are a lot of doubts and insecurities. Well you know Jennifer Lopez during the pregnancy of her twins “I remember having a moment of panic while sitting in the living room… I think at that moment was when I dropped the thought of who would be responsible for two other human beings. And for a second it was like a wave, and then went on. But that thought stays in your subconscious and comes back and comes when children begin to talk,” he told Wonderwall.

Eva Longoria

Without a doubt, one of the great discomforts of pregnancy is the weight gain that you just have an impact on many other things. “All of it makes me uncomfortable. And I’m not talking only of the belly. The truth is that everything increases in size. Never had seen my thighs so big, my breasts. Babies wreck your body“admitted Eva Longoria during a interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Kourtney Kardashian

Who more or who less has had to suffer the nausea and vomiting of this state, which are not at all pleasant. “During my first two pregnancies I was so nausea that I could only eat toasted bread or the typical food of diet softnothing of protein. But I was spent after the first quarter. During this pregnancy I keep having nausea, even now if I go too long without eating, and that’s not happened to me before”, said Kourtney Kardashian during your last pregnancy.

Jessica Alba

The changes in the body generate doubts about the same and their appearance. “Don’t associate being pregnant with being sexy“he explained Jessica Alba the magazine People while she was pregnant with her second daughter, Haven. He said that the stage of the pregnancy “is not sexual for me.”

Olivia Wilde

During this stage can arise many complications. Olivia Wilde suffered a that she herself shared on twitter: “That of ‘brain of pregnancy’ is real. Not I should be allowed to use heavy equipment, including mobile phones”.

Melani Olivares

The actress Melani Olivares you passed by Sálvame Deluxe in a state advanced state of gestation of your child. He confessed that he had gained 25 pounds, “I have eaten myself. I am me two times”. Said that he did not like the pregnancy, but childbirth.

Blake Lively

In a pregnancy also has an influence on what time you touch, with heat takes a lot worst and well know Blake Lively. “It should be illegal to be pregnant in New York in July,” he said to Jimmy Fallon in your program when you expected it to her daughter Agnes.

Katy Perry

The singer is expecting her first daughter along with Orlando Bloom and is going through something that is also very common. Although there is talk of post-partum depression, also there are over. “Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse try to avoid the virus or the waves of depression that come with this new status,” he wrote on twitter.


Among the many complications that can arise one of the worst is the pre-eclampsia. “It was the first time he heard that word and I think that there is little talk of it taking into account that affects one out of every twelve pregnant women”, had Conchita in an interview with The Vanguard. That diagnosis changed everything and had to cause the birth to 7 months of pregnancy. “I met the baby days later because I had to spend a week in the ICU, in addition to being three days in a coma”.