Keanu Reeves and the story behind the alleged affair with Halle Berry


Throughout his career Keanu Reeves has been linked with a number of colleagues and companions in the film industry. From Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, to own Sandra Bullock. However, in some cases we were able to confirm a relationship and, in others, were the tabloids encouraging the collective desire of the love that transcends the screen.

The actor has always been very affectionate and generous with those around you, that is why it is easy to link it repeatedly with his co-stars. This has been the case of Halle Berry, with whom he has worked recently in the third installment of “John Wick”. For two years, various rumors ran online claiming that Keanu Reeves and Oscar-winning were in a romance hot. But… how much there is of truth?

The story begins in may of 2018, shortly after it was reported that Berry would join the cast of the film. In the midst of the uproar that surrounded this announcement, some media, americans began to say that the stars were coming out. “Halle and Keanu are dating,” a source told the magazine, but added that they wanted to keep things “secret” until the production ended.

In January of last year, when the production had ended, the topic resurfaced in the hands of another publication, where finally it was said that the actors “were already ready to make it public”. The note stated that “what had remained professional on the set”, but that they were ready to take things to the next level” now that the filming had finished.

There was even talk that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz had worked as cupids in the relationship. While the actors are never echoed to the rumours, people of his close circle contacted by other major media, have denied all the stories. Last November, Keanu Reeves formalized its relationship with the visual artist, Alexandra Grant. Although the relationship came to light long after these rumors, according to a friend of the couple, both carried out for more than a year.