Kelly Clarkson Asked Where The “Free Speechers’ Are As She Shares The Video Of George Floyd Protest

The video showed the Kansas City police pepper spraying the protesters.

Kelly Clarkson Asks Where The ‘Free Speechers’ Are As She Shares Video From George Floyd Protest

The video showed the Kansas City police pepper spraying the protesters.

Kelly Clarkson I had a question for his Twitter followers, after seeing a video of a demonstration that took place in Kansas City, Missouri during the weekend. Tuesday, The Voice the star shared the clip viral with her 12.3 million followers. It showed Kansas City police pepper spraying of demonstrators who were protesting the death of George Floyd.

Kelly retweeted footage of another Twitter user, who described the actions of the Kansas City police in the video as “UNFORGIVABLE and UNFORGETTABLE.” The singer seemed to express support for the right of protesters to demonstrate.

“Just out of curiosity…. where are all the ‘free speechers’ in this?” Kelly wrote on twitter. “You know, the ones that constantly defend the first amendment, but only the use of this defence when it serves his purpose? I’m going to wait…..”

The video was filmed from the side of a street, where a number of protesters had gathered. Rows of more than two dozen police officers were standing in the middle of the empty road. Wearing protective face shields and armed with pepper spray.

One of the protesters was yelling at the officers, accusing the police of “prematurely shoot the people,” and “excessive use of force.” He took a couple of steps forward, and the officers began to approach. He grabbed the man by the shirt and bathed and at least one other protester with pepper spray. The man was taken out to the street, where he was still in his stomach as the officers surrounded him. A few agents fired more pepper to the crowd from a distance as the protesters started to shout at the police.

“He has the first amendment right to speak his mind,” a protester is heard screaming.

Kelly Clarkson Asks Where The ‘Free Speechers’ Are As She Shares Video From George Floyd Protest

Protesters and police line the street in Kansas City, Missouri.

In accordance with the Kansas City Starthe man in the video was taken in custody. A spokesman of the police of Kansas City, said later that he was arrested for “city protest-related charges.”

The responses to Kelly’s tweet were mixed. Some of the ex – American Idol star followers supported his point of view and defended the protesters, while others sided with the police.

“The black man caused I don’t blame the police. How would you like to protect the community only to be ridiculed?”, wrote one commentator.

“The police will not arrive at the assault and detention of you, because you don’t like what you say,” another Twitter user responded.

The protests by the death of George Floyd have taken place in the united States during the past few days, and some of the celebrities have even joined the demonstrations. As for Kelly, she was one of the large number of stars that participated in the “Blackout Tuesday” movement in social networks. The singer uses the official account of Kelly Clarkson

Instagram page the promise that she is going to use his platform to help the black community.

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