Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are threatening with a lawsuit millionaire to your exguardaespaldas


In the world of the celebrities, nor the most powerful people are totally invulnerable. The high investments carried out many well-known personalities to shield your private sphere and to strengthen on all fronts, its security is not enough at times to block the opening unsuspected cracks that may come to light revelations unfortunate.

The couple formed by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is without a doubt one of the most influential in the world of entertainment and advertising. Fans of both are counted by millions, and his position in the aristocracy of fame seems unshakable. But now, the marriage has encountered a problem very annoyingthat comes from the hand of a proper name: Steve Stanulis, a man who worked for West as a bodyguard a little less than half a decade.

Already when he was laid off, in 2016, Stanulis decided breaking the confidentiality agreement that he had signed only a few months before being employed by the couple, and began to speak publicly of both. The Kardashian-West threatened him then with legal action, but it seems that it’s not served as a warning for you, since by the middle of last month, returned to the charge expatiating in an interview for the podcast Hollywood Raw on the many foibles and extravagances of the rapper, which he considered to be the worst famous for the that has worked.

In addition, the exescolta revealed some information embarrassing to the couplelike the fact that they themselves called the paparazi before you leave the house. So, as expected, his statements have liked very little to the singer and businesswoman, that have decided to take letters in the matter. And they have done so, for the moment, with another threat, you have to get a Stanulis through their lawyers: or stop going by aerating the personal stories about them, or you will fall over a lawsuit worth 10 million dollars.

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The representative of Stanulis (which has now been recycled as a film director and actor), has sought to calm the waters by ensuring that “there was no breach of any confidentiality agreement”, because the stories that were told by the exguardaespaldas were “old” and “known”. But it seems that Kim and Kanye don’t agree. And this could get very expensive to your exempleado.