‘Kingdom Hearts’ TV show release date, plot, cast: Disney+ TV show could star Angelina Jolie and Will Smith

  ‘Kingdom Hearts’ TV show release date, plot, cast: Disney+ TV show could star Angelina Jolie and Will Smith

Fans of the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise, received an exciting report just like the popular JRPG title could be making its way on TV. More information has been published since then, with the last, Angelina Jolie and Will Smith could be linked to the rumored project.

Kingdom Hearts’ of the TV series: What fans need to know

It was reported in May that “Kingdom Hearts” is scheduled for a series of TV development. This comes a couple of months after Disney launched its streaming platform of Disney+. The company will never run out of movies and television programs to transmit, taking into account their depth of bench of IPs of Marvel’s “Star Wars” franchise. But it is not impossible for the studio to want to develop new shows that I was going to be released as a Disney+ original title.

Sources say that the “Kingdom Hearts” adaptation would be a series and not a TV movie, and is a function of several worlds previously developed for video games. We have This Covered also reported that the project might include some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Angelina Jolie and Will Smith, who played as the titular Maleficent and the Genie in the live-action “Aladdin”.

However, when comparing the notes of others in the interior of the report, after Jolie and Smith, in the “Kingdom of the Hearts” of the TV series could only mean that it would be the voice of their respective characters. Reports also have it that this project will be CG-animated and not live-action. Another recent report even mentioned that Square Enix was also asked to work on a pilot episode using the Unreal Engine, the same game development engine is used for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Kingdom Hearts 4′: the TV show affect the game’s development?

Disney and Square Enix has not confirmed these reports yet. But it is not improbable an effort by both companies to follow. “Kingdom Hearts” titles have already proven your ability to sell millions of copies around the world, which is most likely a fan base they can count on to support the program as Disney plans to make the streaming platform available around the world.

As for the video game series, “Kingdom Hearts 4” is pretty much confirmed at this point. However, director Tetsuya Nomura has already warned the fans that are in for a long wait. Depending on the speed with the making of the TELEVISION series could be, could be a good distraction as people wait for Sora’s next adventure in video game form.

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