Kylie Jenner confesses how to survive the quarantine


Kylie Jenner has shown that it is a fashion icon, but now is showing some changes.

The socialite has been communicating by means of their social networks as it is passing through quarantinenext to the small Stormias the baby more darling around the world, as his mother revealed that he bought hundreds of games not fastidié, nor sits solita. Wooow.

But not for being in your home, the smallest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, stops the display of their incredible combinations, as it is that wears day-to-day, and other aspects that have allowed him to see the public as it is lives this time.
Now, in a look more relaxed, with a top and a tracksuit, the entrepreneur shared by means of their stories of Instagram, with some videos, while relaxing a bit in his room, he took the opportunity to greet his fans, to whom he communicated that I could not sleep because I had insomnia.

And also something that is very visible, is that lately Kylie looks very natural in your hairbecause now it looks like it is in reality, a bit short and wavy, that has not stopped showing it off to unleash, even though it is accustomed to the nails very longthese days isolation has opted for take them less ostentatious.

Czech videos:

What would you recommend Kylie to be able to sleep?

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