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Starring Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, “Last Christmas” it is a film british-american which tells the story of Kate (Clarke), a woman who accepts to work as an elf in a shop in london during the christmas season. After his meeting with Tom (Golding) your life will change in unexpected ways.

The romantic comedy, directed by Paul Feig, and written by Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson, was released on 8 November 2019 in the united States, but Peru came almost a month later, on 5 December.

Last Christmas” also with the participation of Emma Thompson as Adelia, Michelle Yeoh as Santa and Rebecca Root as dr. Addis. The shooting of the tape began on November 26, 2018 and ended in February of 2019.


After a near death experience, Kate put aside their aspirations of a singer, takes refuge in alcohol, he spends his days sleeping, neglects his work, adopts a self-destructive behavior and alienates all his friends.

However, when she meets Tom, a happy man, charming and optimistic, Kate begins to take small steps to improve your life: begins to take care of his health, asks for forgiveness to his sister Martha and collecting money for the shelter.

The relationship with Tom seems to be becoming more and more intense, to the point that Kate tells him that almost a year ago underwent a heart transplant, but when she tries to bring the “romance” to another level, he rejects it.

Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding are the protagonists of “Last Christmas” (Photo: Universal Pictures)

When Kate tries to sort things out and goes to the department of Tom only found a real estate agent, who explains to him that the former owner died in a bicycle accident a year ago and since then the place has been empty. In that moment, Kate realizes that the heart that now beats in his chest was Tom and that he was only visible to her.

Last Christmas” ends with Kate singing the song of the same name that the movie when showing flashbacks of their “encounters” with Tom. After Kate celebrated Christmas with his family. And when the summer comes she is a new woman.

Kate sings 'Last Christmas' at the end of the film (Photo: Universal Pictures)
Kate sings ‘Last Christmas’ at the end of the film (Photo: Universal Pictures)


In the end what seemed to be a typical romantic comedy ended up being a tape about self-love and acceptance. But do you Tom was a ghost or figment of the imagination of Kate? Although the tape does not give a concrete explanation, Tom tells him that he is part of it.

In another moment of “Last Christmas” Tom tells Kate that “I would have had your heart no matter what”, which could be interpreted as if they had known he was in love with her.

In addition, love and optimism, Tom also represents the trauma that happened to Kate a year ago. Thanks to him, Kate learns to love with all that this implies, to accept the experience that he had to live, make the best of it and far from using it as a pretext to justify their problems to use it as motivation to keep moving forward.

“Last Christmas” premiered in Peru on December 5 (Photo: Universal Pictures)


  • Emilia Clarke as Kate
  • Henry Golding as Tom
  • Emma Thompson as Adelia
  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Rebecca Root as the Dr. Addis
  • Lydia Leonard as Marta
  • Patti LuPone
Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are the protagonists of “Last Christmas” (Photo: Universal Pictures)