“Last Christmas” is the movie of love this Christmas starring Emilia Clarke. And we have a fun clip exclusive


The next 29th of November are premieres of the movies of christmas: Last Christmas. There is nothing we like more than a romantic comedy at Christmas and this has all the ingredients that we love: great actors, laughter, love and the Christmas in London as a backdrop.

A perfect combination to enjoy the best plan with friends to an afternoon of winter thanks to this tape inspired by the famous song of George Michael.

Last Christimas4

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones) is the the protagonist of this romantic story. Share poster with the dashing Henry Golding (A small favor) and with Emma Thompson, also in charge of the script.

Set in London during the Christmas season of 2017, Last Christmas develops the are of the music of George Michael and the british duo of pop Wham!, that includes the classic christmas track that gives title. In the movie, also featuring a previously unissued song of the legendary artist.

Last Christimas6

The story focuses on Kate (Emilia Clarke), a girl who wanders London bitter for a string of bad decisions, continually accompanied by the tinkling of the bells on their shoes, another irritating consequence of working as an elf in one of those stores christmas open all year round. When Tom (Henry Golding appears in your life, Kate begins to be able to see beyond his numerous barriers, although it is too idyllic to be true.

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As London is transformed to celebrate the dates most wonderful of the year, everything seems to be against the couple. But, sometimes, you must let fall the snow, listening to the heart… and have faith.

Emma Thompson in addition to being the screenwriter, plays the mother of our protagonist. Then we see her in this clip assigned exclusively for Trendencias by Universal Pictures:

But we have more, a clip ideal where can you see the complicity between the two protagonists:

A soundtrack special

Last Christimas7

The soundtrack is a character of the film. The songs of George Michael and Wham! that sound in this romantic comedy, and that accompany key scenes, including Last Christmas, Too Funky, Fantasy, Praying for Time, Faith, Waiting for That Day, Heal the Pain, One More Try, Fastlove, Everything She Wants, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Move On, Freedom! ’90and Praying for Time (MTV Unplugged).

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The final song that the heirs of the singer lent to the production is the unprecedented This Is How (We Want You to Get High), which reflects to the perfection that Kate and Tom have learnt from each other throughout their journey together. In addition, a great surprise for the soundtrack is the great voice of Emilia Clarke.

Last Christimas

A film of love perfect for christmas time.

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