Look at the showy fall suffered by Katy Perry in American Idol


The Pop icon, our dearest Katy Perry once again suffered a showy fall in full-casting of the program American Idolhere we tell you the whole story.

In a recent video published by the Perry in his personal account Instagram. We can see the interpreter Firework breaking in skates, during the casting of American Idol in Milwaukee, singing one of the most significant songs of the Goddess Witney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

Well, nothing, that the Katy it gets in your skates, dress, silver, hair short and hot body and that we are embarra with the mat American Idolto what your partner Lionel Richie he ran to auxiliarla while Luke Bryan she tries to imitate our diva by applying a sweep on the floor. All so that our Katy Perry don’t feel bad.

The singer uploaded the video to his Instagram which already amount to more than 600k likes.

We leave the funny fall down here.