Louta and his new album 2030, a phenomenon of avant-garde


Comprised of ten songs, the latest album is not only lyrics and melodies, but contains all of a background in artistic and revolutionary, worthy of the musical project played by Jaime James.

In the middle of the confinement, Louta released his third album. Along with the co-production of distance Eduardo Cabra (Visitor former member of Calle 13), the disk brings together the words of a new generation who identifies with them and at the same time surprised, shockea and is bowled with the new material from Jaime James. Coming from this artist, a performer, one could not expect less.

Since its namesake launched in 2016, Louta began to build his path and go out into the world to demonstrate what was it about this novel project. With the arrival of Enchastre (2018) its audience had already risen and it was unthinkable that there is someone within the indie not to meet him. Their mark was always marked by the scoop, the unexpected, and by what never before seen in a show. An argentinean artist of some veintipico of years, reinventing the scene and left the rod very high for those who want to imitate him.

After having presented, “Tau Tau”, “Coco Shanel”, “don’t eat the movie”, and “Behind the photo” (four singles that do not form part of the new album), Louta bet feedback of their previous works and add even more novelty. Between rhythmic bases of rap, electro, pop, rock, reggaeton and the genre urban you may wish to include, Jaime carried forward ten tracks co-produced by Alizz (C. Tangana, Rosalia, Becky G), Nico Cotton, Orodembow and Mauro de Tommaso. Influences that result in a project worthy of an avant-garde artist. Criticizes his style, sarcastic and humorous to certain behaviors of the society, claimed the generation to which it belongs, and moves to perk up to the revolution.

2030 it encapsulates all that artistic intention of Louta in different rhythms and on different themes. Topics melanco/romantic as “I don’t you are doing you a favor” take the role of your voice with databases simple without too many arrangements. As well expressed sentences such as: “I don’t want to see the cell phone / I prefer the normal version” or “With you I enlarged the heart and now I feel better”. It also refers to the love in “High-sighted”, where refers to a “problem” typical of this was virtual: “High-seen the I clavás”.

“Amame” came with an animated music video directed by JP Bonino. Among 3D images, Louta appears dancing alone on different locations of the world, represented through Google Earth. It would be as well as a Louta conquering the world with a base of trap and reggaeton. In the middle of the disk, takes center stage “Waisi”another hit merely dance well it might sound in a party Bresh and whose chorus repeats a word invented by him: “Waisi, Waisi, you put him in cana Waisi”.

A song that seems to encourage its audience to make what will be born is “I put the missing” in the throws: “Don’t worry I get what is missing”. To any adversity that is present, Louta is to put what they lack. For the closure appears “Argentina”, where James presents a sadness and concern towards the situation in the country. With this last song leaves the head open to reflection and is the perfect touch to finish with 2030. “Who is to blame for the hunger in this country?”question and ends with: “Got your revolution”.

You can listen to 2030 of Louta in all platforms of streaming, and then: