Low temperatures: How should we care for the legs? | Rosario3.com


At the request of Rosario3.com the doctor Cristian Kuchen, a specialist in phlebology, presents the following recommendations: “in times of winter the legs are the protagonists forgotten: itching, dryness of the skin and edema, are disorders that tend to appear; for that it is essential to keep them hydrated, using products that contain active soothing and moisturizing. In addition, garments that are used in this era tend not to be the most appropriate as the tissues of wool and acrylic, which favors the dryness”.

About bathing with very hot water specialist says “not recommended for the patients with pathology varicose as it will worsen the symptoms. What is appropriate to do is to increase the consumption of water; between two and three litres per day; that can be added, fruit juice and incorporate to the diet vegetables, since they are excellent options.”

On the other hand he says that “the changes of eating habits, in winter time tend to be a factor to be taken into account especially for the amount of salt that we use, because as we well know, among others, the same, favors the retention of fluid, thus contributing to the formation of edema.”

In terms of footwear, Kuchen holds that “always suggest the footwear comfortable and light-weight, not exercising compression localized. It is not advisable to stay long in a same position because it favors the appearance of swelling in the feet. In addition, the low temperatures lead to expose ourselves to the heat sources (stoves and caloventores) that exacerbate even more the symptoms.”

On the other hand the specialist stated that “what I recommend to patients is the realization of exercises, movements of flexion and extension of legs and feet that are beneficial, in addition to the employment of elements of containment elastic: stockings or bandages that contribute to the health of the legs, especially in people who have pathology varicose”.

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