Margot Robbie reveals how jealous her husband just at the time of sleep


“My husband always throws the poor Bunny to the ground because, apparently, seems to him quite ridiculous that I continue hugging him to sleep. You may be a little jealous of Bunny occupies a priority place in our bed, so that as soon as you create that I fall asleep as I remove it from the hands, ” said the Hollywood star in conversation with the magazine W.

On the other hand, the actress is very excited for the premiere of Birds of Prey and nothing has more pleased that his emancipation of his character compared to the Joker from Jared Leto that we saw in Suicide Squad. Above all, because according to the actress, the left a little bit confused.

Although the film was not what many would expect, the relationship of Harley and Joker became a topic for that year, not only for dressing up on Halloween, but as an analysis of the type of relationship that they held. In a entrenvista to ComicBook, Margot Robbie talks about that romance, and says:

“In the first movie his relationship with Joker always confused me more. That was what took me most time to understand. In this film, we are exploring that she is not with Joker, and it really is understanding the rupture. That is something that I feel that all can understand and relate in some way. Even though she treats you like exploding things, I don’t do that. I understand the motivation that drove that train of thought.”