Mariah Carey, voice and power stage


Mariah Carey landed last night in the garden of Pedralbes with the well-known arms of his splendid voice and a dominant stage presence. In addition, the diva american brought under the arm with a handful of new and excellent songsincluded in his last album,
. The already tanned singer and producer came to Barcelonatherefore , in the framework of a World Talk Tour that kicked off in Dallas last march and has located between its regular concerts and tours of Christmas and its taken up residence in the Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas.

Although the tour it is so known –between his professional commitments and his hectic everyday life– the truth is that of the above-mentioned latest album reviewed not many cuts. The rest of the intense evening nourished parts that pritachivajut all your discography from the title of the same name, the Daydream or the Music box. In any case, Caution it is a good excuse because this is a magnificent album, well received by critics on both sides of the Atlantic and comes to be a kind of tribute to the r’n’b in the nineties, with the theme GTFO as a single of the bow.

The singer mixed songs from their latest album, ‘Caution’, with acclaimed successes of his extensive career

Came out with a delay of almost half an hour, before a sympathetic audience, an audience of broad spectrum in which there was no shortage from colleagues in the profession and delivered fans to the prices of the entry involved an undoubted sacrifice, to representatives of high society barcelona or finance. And the star, Carey did not disappoint, sheathed at the start in her short and tight dress of flesh tones, hair ironed and absolute control of the scenic space (then would be changing your wardrobe, highlighting a long dress black with a silhouette of colored lights).

Wrapped up by four dancers, three splendid vocals, and a muscular instrumental quintet, Carey kicked off before a packed audience of fans and also curious, that you have already got in the pocket at the first bars of not, one of the cuts precisely from their last delivery. From there and for almost twenty-five songs, the american singer starred in a hiperprofesional show designed to the millimeter, in which he recalled some of the bombings spread throughout his career as Dreamlover, Any time you need a friend, My all, Last night a dj saved my life, Always be my baby…

His voice was once again his main and most spectacular weapon in a representation in which the glamour and chic to the way Carey were not absent. Surrounded by a scenery effective in the case of an environment such as Pedralbes, and a team of mule, the diva knew how to balance the nostalgia of those hits old with their new titles, with a couple of encores planned for after the closing of this edition, like Hero and Without you.