Meghan Trainor, Nicki Minaj – Nice To Meet Ya [2020] | Videoclip | Actualidad


The new album Meghan Trainor is already here, and with it brings a musical repertoire of diverse people. One of these new songs is Nice To Meet Yahis collaboration with Nicki Minaj now we have been able to know your video clip.

A video clip that is presented with a style of the most eighties and with some very vivid colors. Although, of course, one of the key elements of these images is the coregrafĂ­a that Meghan shows up in the house and in the company of a large team of dancers.

Although if you thought that the new Meghan was not going to bring a letter meaningful, you were completely wrong. Their verses speak of self-love and personal improvement. Before you use the makeup to hide your features, but this has now ceased to be your main concern. Subtraction importance to what they say about you, by what you’ve focused on a single thing: you will be what you want to be.

The collaboration of Nicki in this song has marked a before and an after in his career. After announcing his retirement from the industry, has surprised his followers with this unexpected project that has raised hopes. It seems that the young rapper can’t ignore his greatest passion: the music.

As we mentioned in previous lines, Nice To Meet Yathe theme of sounds of pop, comes on the same day of the premiere of Treat Myselfher third studio album. Although this has not been the first single from the album, because it has become the successor of No Excuses and Wave,q eu already saw the light in march and September 2019, respectively.

And is that this topic is not the only one that brings a partnership to your disk. Wave with Mike Sabath, Workin’ On It with Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan, Genetics with The Pussycat Dolls and After You with AJ Mitchell are some of the other jobs on set. What all is your favorite?