Mia Mont, singer: “We have to get used to celebrating the achievements of others” Shows


The singer and songwriter peruvian only 29 years old, but she always knew that music ran through their veins. Grew up listening to Madonna, Mariah Carey and Selena Quintanilla, great exponents of female industry. Like them, Mia Mont also wants to succeed internationally and works every day to achieve it. Although the current outlook is uncertain, that has not stopped even for a moment. “You have to get around the situation to continue to grow,” he says enthusiastic.

Your first album “Antifantasía” was launched 10 years ago. What have you learned in all this time?

The be persistent and humble at the time of learning and receiving a critique. When you’re an artist, what is most important is that you’re surrounded by people that teach you and help you to train you.

Are you bothered by the criticism at the start of your career?

It is all a learning process. At the beginning I hated that they were saying to me: “that’s not what you do well”. We all have an ego and frustrates a lot. But when you understand that it is to improve, then you start to work on that.

And do you now how to take the negative comments that may exist in social networks?

It is very easy to criticize behind a computer. Not everyone will love or you will like what you do. Have to take it with calm and grace.

How do you perceive the industry in Peru currently?

I think that after a long time we’re starting to see new talents who are working hard to see your music out there. I, last year, I had a tour of the United States, and I felt happy when I was asked by other artists, like Daniela Darcourt, or Yahaira Plasencia.

But they will always have comparisons…

Since I started they have always existed. I think the competition is good, but we have to get used to celebrating the achievements of others.

Just threw the song “I Am as I am”, how was that experience for you?

It is a song very different to what you have heard from me. It is not urban and also I would say that is a ballad. The song talks about the character of Eva in the novel “I’m gonna find” and she is a woman brave, who does what he wants and leaves its mark.

What was a challenge?

Yes, because they wanted the voice to be a lot more mature and sensual. Even though I’m entering a stage in which I feel much more comfortable with my body; my personality does not get to that point. In the study I had fun bringing out that side of me.

What projects we’ll see you later?

We want to do something a lot more home for what is happening now (quarantine), but without losing the quality that I’ve presented all these years. There is that to accommodate the situation, but music will not be missing.


Mia Mont, singer

He was born on November 3, 1990 in Lima. “For him,” was the first single of his album “Antifantasía” and reached the first positions of the strings as MTV and Ritmosón Latino. He also participated in the event “Festival of the Latin Quarter” to the end of 2019.