Miley Cyrus and the three ideal exercises for a flat abdomen


Although a very important part to achieve a flat abdomen is based on the good food, there are a number of exercises that will not only help you keep it smooth, but that will give strength to your entire waist, a point in favor of the aesthetic and the thousands for the health. And Miley Cyrus learned some years ago, the discipline that helps you to achieve it –effectively–.

To achieve that belly and make it strong it may be possible thanks to the technique of the pilates to which the singer and actress is keen for its physical results, but above all for how it makes you feel. For many girls fitness is the best practice, there are even those who see it as a training retro –that he was created about a century ago– but about what is not in doubt is about its excellent benefits: weight control, relief of pain of back and limbs, improved posture, increased flexibility and stress reduction.

Miley Cyrus dressed in black©GettyImages
Miley Cyrus sports a body very exercised and the pilates is one of the leaders of so great a result

At least 35 basic movements can be done with machines, leagues, balls, hoops, or the simple use of the body. But, regardless of the equipment chosen, this method will focus on breathing, alignment, cervical, the balance of the ribs and shoulder blades; the toning of the pelvic floor and stimulation of the entire abdominal musculature.

Miley Cirus for many years he has practiced this system that combines, yoga positions, movements, gymnastics, and aims at the rehabilitation and cure of the back and limbs. Between their coaches, the ex-chica Disney was the coach of the celebs, Mari Winsor, who passed away in recent times, but it left many teachings. In fact, this coach will take this routine that revealed the Daily Mail and that can be done in 20 minutes. All you need is a yoga mat or a mat fine.

They are simple exercises, in which you must bring your concentration to the maximum, to achieve benefit from their results.

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Pilates requires control of body and breathing