Miley Cyrus directed the latest music video of Cody Simpson: ‘Captain’s Dance with the Devil’



Miley Cyrus (like many singers) is located in your home hoping that the situation of the COVID-19 improve. Residing in the city of Angels, passes the quarantine with her boyfriend Cody Simpson.

The brief marriage that Miley was with Liam Hemsworth left behind: now the interpreter focuses on strengthening its own security and in cultivating the new relationship.


Many citizens who are still in the house by the quarantine, they are dedicated to finding hobbies new, but Miley and Cody were beyond: prepared a music video for Simpson in which Cyrus served as the director.

In a exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaarthe singer-songwriter australian explained how the idea and its development:

cody mily
Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for BrightFox

The inspiration came thanks to the show RuPaul”s Drag Race. I liked the culture. I liked the way in which the theme has been built-in to pop culture, ( … ), and specifically to the rock music.

After one night, Cody asked Miley who was painted with his makeup. The dynamics reached such a level, that they began to incorporate the ideas to put together a music video.

The result of your creativity can be observed in audio-visual Captain’s Dance with the Devil. It was recorded in its entirety inside your home and released at the end of may. Cody has made it clear that Miley was a great director and gave him an unforgettable experience:

The goal was to include looks hipermasculinas and hiperfemininas in the video (…) we Wanted to explore all ends of the spectrum in terms of fashion and sexuality.

With a great deal of ingenuity and using what they had in their home, Cody and Miley were able to make a film epic.


To finish, Cody reiterated that working with Miley gave him a great freedom of exploration and improvisation. Undoubtedly are a couple with a lot of personal chemistry and professional, don’t you think?


What do you think of the new material is achieved by this duo? It tell us in the comments!

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