Miley Cyrus, the protagonist of a party more special for her


Miley Cyrus is one of the artists most committed to the social causes. The singer collaborates with various organisations and has even founded his own NGO to help homeless youth.

The artist is aware of the influence you have and the speaker so large that it has through their social networks. Used to raise awareness of all his followers of the reality and of the help that they need millions of people.

The artist is especially affected by the murder of George Floyd, the man who died at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota last week. Like many other artists, Miley Cyrus shared on your social networks a series of publications in which they protested against what happened.

The singer, in addition to supporting all the social causes wherever it sees that it needs your voice, also supports the collective LGBTI, she being part of the same. For this reason, he wanted to share with his followers a message to celebrate the month with the most special of the year.

“The pride month is here,” was the text that he wrote Miley Cyrus next to a picture of the activist Marsha P. Johnsonone of the public figures of the 70’s that marked a before and an after in the struggle for equality.
“How many years will it take you people to understand that we are all brothers, sisters and human beings?”, wrote the artist. In addition to celebrating the pride month, wants his followers to think about what happened with George Floyd.

Miley Cyrus encouraged his followers to seek justice for what happened. And even to call on the Government of Minnesota, “it is not time to shut us up,” wrote the singer in one of your posts.