Natalia Barulich: Filtered image of his FACE before his plastic surgery ¡Bestial! (PHOTO)


The famous model Natalia Barulich, who is the current girlfriend of the colombian singer Maluma, since they announced their relationship has become one of the girls trend this 2019.

And is that the lovely girl has managed to carve its way through the entertainment, while rubbing shoulders with major celebrities that have helped to give lift where it has managed to conquer with their beauty and elegance.

Not this others comment that the cuban model-Croatian has always stood out for its beauty, which on this occasion has impacted the awareness to know what is behind its exquisite beauty.

This is mana has highlighted that the famous model has been subjected to several arrangements, aesthetic and one of the clearest evidences are the of your face and that many would be surprised to the before those arrangements.

It turns out that they have leaked a few images of the before and after of the couple of Maluma and the reality is that the changes are amazing, especially in the nose, where the transformation is more noticeable, which leaves its followers surprised.


It was in a famous program where a plastic surgeon reviewed the possible operations that would have made the model cuban leaving everyone surprised.

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According to the well-known specialist, Natalia Barulich would have gone under the knife for a lip augmentation, a rhinoplasty, a surgery of cheekbones, liposuction, a breast, a buttock augmentation and even to change the design of the smile.

It should be noted that in regard to the subject of the surgeries has not commented anything the model Natalia Barulich, but she was questioned recently to know what was going to do with his relationship with the colombian singer Maluma and made it clear that I was going to go day-to-day and they didn’t want to plan beyond that with the singer.

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