New song of Lady Gaga is filtered out… and the fans go crazy, completely!


For the moment Lady Gaga has been very busy with their successful shows in Las Vegas, and enjoying a great streak from a year ago thanks to his Oscar award for his musical work for the film –which also starred in– ‘A Star Is Born’. It is for this reason that all their fans believe that there’s much to hear new material exclusive of Lady Gaga (recall that the disk ‘A Star Is Born’ is a soundtrack, not something personal). However, we now have a new light, since it is possible that Lady Gaga is working on a new album, and the filtration of one of their songs is the proof.

The song –apparently– is called ‘Stupid Love Story’ and based on the comments of your fans (so called ‘Little Monsters’) reminds a little of its beginnings, back to the pop moved and e-mail. Lady Gaga comes from an experimental phase where I played more with the acoustic (as in the soundtrack of ‘A Star Is Born’) as well as rhythms calmer and folk (as we see in ‘Joanne’). In the case of the song filtered, is something more fun, dynamic and safe we will listen to in all of the festivities.

Everything seems to indicate that the song was leaked in a course code (which should not be there, obviously) from the official site of the singer, then maybe he was practicing for the launch. It was immediately replaced, but when they succeeded it was already too late and it had already been heard by millions of people.