Oh Brad Pitt is dating secret with Halle Berry!


No one can deny that Brad Pitt it is one of the single most sought-after of Hollywood.

And despite the fact that many people desearína to return with Angelina Jolieto Brad have been attributed many romance lately, since Marion Cotillard up Jennifer Lawrence.

Is the latest celeb with which it has been linked romantically to Brad Pitt ? I Halle Berry!

Channing Tatum surprised Halle Berry with strippers
In accordance with an average australianthe star of ‘Fight Club’ and the ‘actress’ Monster”s Ball’ have been dating and were spotted recently having dinner in a restaurant.

“They have had a number of meetings very secret in one of the bungalows of the Hotel Bel-Air. Up to now things are going well… Brad considers to be absolutely amazing”, revealed a source to the newspaper.

“The connection was already there. Brad is totally the type of Halle and also he the of it, so it is not surprising that they have taken advantage of the opportunity to spend some time together,” said the same source.

Do you think Halle Berry and Brad Pitt you are about to become the new power couple ?

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