Photo gallery: Shakira, Gabo Joe Arroyo put on the face mask in Barranquilla


The artists, teachers and students of the EDA, the School District of Art of Barranquilla, joined together with the Secretariat of Culture of the District to send a message from the art against the spread of the coronavirus in the capital of the Atlantic.

The artists invited were Rubén Terán, Adalberto Calvo, Hernán Taibel, Omar Mendoza, Javier Caraballo, Second Shot, Alex De la Torre, Nestor Loaiza and the group of students of the program of Costumes and Headdresses for Carnival were the artists in charge of intervening the face mask and portray their art on them.

The face mask were made in fabric reebag with a unique design for each illustrious personage who wear it in these days.

“We saw how artists of our EDA have developed a face mask for these giants of Barranquilla, and then we saw how various artists have managed to give it his seal through interventions that will be for later”said mayor Jaime Pumarejo.

The monuments of the past year were subjected to several days of maintenance on the part of the group Retain of Cartagena, this week showed their faces operated on.

The chosen ones were the one of Shakira, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ernesto McCausland, Joe Arroyo, Esthercita Forero, Simon Bolivar, Christopher Columbus, Edgar Renteria and the Monument to the Flag.

For his part, the secretary of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, María Teresa Fernández, said that the aim of the campaign is to “raise the awareness of the barranquilleros on the use of the face mask and the importance of this garment in the containment of the virus”.

In figures:

9 Monuments were operated in Barranquilla

8 artists living in the city participated in the creation of the face mask.